UAE Yacht Code

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The UAE yacht code were submitted to the IMO and to all IMO members in 2009.  Tasneef took the initiative to update the code, establish the interpretations, check lists as well as the operating system. On this basis, the UAE introduced the code to the UAE market as well as the international market in 2014 as the first of its kind globally.

Tasneef as the technical arm of the Federal Transport Authority, carries out UAE Yacht Code surveys and certification on its behalf. Tasneef has been involved in all stages of development, interpretation, implementation of the code and increasing the awareness in the local and global yachting industry. Tasneef’s involvement in the development of the UAE Yacht Code has also contributed to improving the yachting standards in the region.

The International Conventions applicable to conventional vessels are not applicable for Private Pleasure Yachts.

The need for yacht Regulations has been identified, ie yachts above 24 m. not intended for commercial use.

Also in this case, Tasneef has been authorized by FTA to implement the yacht code.

UAE Yacht Code



The safety level of private non-commercial yachts in accordance with the UAE Yacht Regulations is to be equivalent or better than existing regulations for other vessels carrying the same number of persons onboard taking into account the size of the yacht and its area of operation.
The UAE Yacht Regulations have been developed based on the principles of defining overall purpose and functional requirements for the safety segments covered by these Regulations. The purpose and functional requirements are verified either by compliance with prescriptive requirements, analysis, demonstration or risk assessment.


The objective of verification by Risk Assessment is to show that the risks associated with a novel / alternative design, equipment, system or operations isequivalent or lower to that of a similar yacht which complies with the prescriptiverequirements of these Regulations.








Escape, evacuation and rescue emergency procedures shall enable assignedcrew members to perform their assigned escape, evacuation and rescue taskseffectively.
The yacht’s security operation shall at least comprise the following task like Ensuring the performance of all yacht security duties, controlling access to the yacht,Controlling the embarkation of persons and their effects, monitoring restricted areas to ensure that only authorized persons have access and monitoring of deck areas and areas surrounding the yacht.


Equipping and preparation of survival craft and other escape, Evacuation and rescue equipment, Mustering those persons that need to be mustered and Use of communication equipment.




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