Advisory Services

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- Tasneef Maritime Professional staff provide an all-comprehensive Project Management Consulting focused on Clients’ interests in shipbuilding sector. We exceed clients’ expectations for any project with respect to cost and time-efficiency. Tasneef Maritime team has the experience, skill and qualifications of mega shipbuilding project management. Our experts manage full stages of shipbuilding projects including, but not limited to, below:-

• Program Planning
• Contracts Management
• Ship Design Management
• Construction Management
• Sea trials Management
• Training Management
• Logistics Management
• Maintenance Management
• Technology Transfer Management

Tasneef Maritime has the capability to provide comprehensive Contract Management with main contractor, subcontractors and vendors. That includes negotiating the terms and conditions in contracts and ensuring compliance with customers’ requirement by maximizing financial and operational performance and minimizing risk. Contracts Management includes documenting and agreeing on any changes or amendments that may arise during construction. It includes as well as contract closing phase and final settlement after ensuring that all obligations are met.

Tasneef Maritime will manage the design of the ship at different stages and ensure that the configuration of the ship is managed properly.

• During Concept Design Tasneef will ensure the feasibility of the design and that the general parameters meet the customers’ requirement.
• Tasneef will ensure that Contract Design will have sufficient information to protect the customers interest before signing the shipbuilding contract.
• Tasneef will manage Basic Design to ensure required drawings by classifications societies are produced on time and obtained classification approvals.
• Tasneef will manage the Coordination Design to ensure equipment and outfitting of the ships are coordinated properly to maximize the efficiency of ships operation and maintenances.
• Tasneef will manage Detailed Design to ensure shop drawings are produced as per ship construction program and contracted delivery time.

The rich shipping data and maritime experience within Tasneef, enables us to deliver a professional Business Case Studies and Feasibility analysis for various maritime projects and initiatives.
Tasneef will use their resources to deliver a comprehensive report to our customers to indicate to them the expected business benefits, the options considered (with reasons for rejecting or carrying forward each option), the expected costs of the project, SWOT analysis, gap analysis and the expected risks. Tasneef will conduct meetings and interviews with stakeholders to ensure that information required for Business Studies are updated and nothing is missed to ensure the feasibility of the project.

Considering the need of customer to retain their maritime assets as long as possible, Tasneef has the capacity to conduct detailed surveys on vessels and provide ratifications recommendation to ensure their structure, equipment and machinery are meeting classification requirements and IMO rules, even when these assets have passed their design operating life. Life extension can be applied on commercial vessels, military vessels and offshore platforms. This approach is essential to support our customers financially, especially during economic crisis, in addition, to preserve out environment from the unfavorable option of scrapping vessels while their life could be extended with reasonable cost.

Companies are eager to be competitive in the maritime market to win business, that require flexibility in altering type of services provided in the maritime business.
Flexibility means sometime modifying the maritime assets to meet new business requirements or new regulations. Tasneef with their understanding of maritime business needs and regulations, will advise owners on the best way to modify their maritime assets, also considering improvements to the existing capability of the vessels, so owners can remain modest in the maritime business.

The Arabian Gulf has an aggressive marine environment due to the high salinity of the seawater, high temperature and high humidity. Corrosion can be a major factor in reducing the maritime assets life and degrading its performance plus triggering high repair costs.

Tasneef can advise owners on proper corrosion protection methodology before the construction of the maritime assets or during service to ensure maximum life cycle with minimum repair cost. Our expertise can investigate the cause of the corrosion and advise on proper coating protection scheme and/or required Cathodic Protection to ensure the maritime assets have comprehensive corrosion protection methodology.

Since Maritime Assets are getting more expensive, and instrumentation and information systems tend to become cheaper and more reliable, CBM becomes an important tool for operating vessels in an optimal manner. Better operations will lead to lower production cost and lower use of resources. CBM objective is to maintain the correct equipment at the right time. CBM is based on using realtime data to prioritize and optimize maintenance resources. Tasneef will use the right systems and tools to determine the equipment's health, and recommend when maintenance is actually necessary. Tasneef CBM will allow the maintenance personnel to do only the right things, improve system reliability, reduce human error influence, minimizing spare parts cost, system downtime and time spent on maintenance.

Tasneef Maritime Expertise are well capable in providing independent investigation report for maritime accidents to government authorities, insurance companies and owners. The report may contain specific elements or extensive detailed facts upon our customer request such as: -

• Preliminary analysis on accident cause and responsible parties.
• Environmental impact and corresponding recovery cost.
• Investigation on ships compliance with statutory requirement before accident.
• Estimated damages to ship’s hull, machinery and equipment.
• Estimated damages to port facilities • Recommended repairs and estimated costs.
• Environmental impact and corresponding recovery cost.
• Estimates on required salvages and recovery of ships.

Emirates Classification Society - TASNEEF

TASNEEF Maritime Services is leading provider of maritime classification, certification and advisory services in the UAE, GCC and internationally. We achieve this through strategic partnerships with established classification societies, experienced leadership, professional staff and applying cutting edge technology. 


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