Billion AED of the marine classification market share in the UAE by the end of 2016


The Emirates Classification Society (Tasneef), the first of its kind in the Arab countries , currently accounts for 8% of the Gulf classification market in the Gulf, which includes about 7,000 ships, said Rashed Al Hebsi, CEO of Emirates Classification Society (Tasneef)

Al Hebsi pointed out that Tasneef currently classifies 1,200 vessels annually in the UAE, in addition to vessels under construction, and a number of vessels in Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and North Africa.

He pointed out that Tasneef is largely focused in the UAE because it is based in Abu Dhabi, and therefore closer to the owners of ships in the country, adding that the expansion plan of Tasneef includes the setting-up new branches abroad.

Saudi Branch

Al Hebsi expects to complete the procedures of establishing the company's branch in Saudi Arabia by the end of this year, which he described as the mission, so that the company becomes closer to its customers from ship owners in the Kingdom.

He pointed out that the new "classification" branch in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a valuable addition to the company's branches in Oman and Bahrain, which have contributed over the past period in expanding the market share of the company in the Gulf region

Al Hebsi pointed out that the Emirates Classification Society (Tasneef) has succeeded in obtaining recognition by the Arab League in the field of marine classification in their countries. 

He pointed out that above recognition is the fruition of the efforts that began in October 2014, with the launching of a memorandum for Arab countries recognition of Tasneef in the field of maritime classification

Al Hebsi added that the Memorandum launched by Tasneef  is considered as a substitute for another initiative launched in 1992 with the establishment of an Arab Maritime Classification Authority.

He added that the vision of «classification» to be the nucleus of the Arab navigational economy integrated employ the potential and strategic location of this region at the heart of global trade routes, by empowering and training national and Arab professionals to be the pillars of leadership for the future of the sector, whereby they can redirect large amounts of investments spent in the shipping sector to our countries.

Expansion Plan

Al Hebsi pointed out that the expansion plan is not limited to geographical expansion. Tasneef is diversifying its services and adding new innovative services such as the classification of maritime ports in the field of security, classification of the governance, health care and infrastructure. It is considering the addition of three new areas soon, familiar with the Arab market, indicating that the society enjoys unique competitive advantages that give it great prospects for expansion in the countries of the region, the most important proximity to ship owners and their full knowledge of the environment, conditions and legislation in countries where it provides its services.

He pointed to the success of Tasneef in introducing special initiatives for the region such as Sahara Notation, which takes into consideration the climatic conditions of the region. Tasneef allows the optional "Sahara" for ship owners in the region, Cooling water, where certain technical adjustments are made to the «filters» and cooling cycle.

He maintained that Tasneef has a number of competitive services that provide added value to ship owners and stake holders in the Arab region through the standards and specifications developed to adapt to the nature of the region.

Professional Expertise

He said that Tasneef is currently working towards achieving further expansion, which requires doubling the training of its employees and qualify national professionals in the most unique marine specialties, explaining that UAE citizens currently make up about 40% of the total staff of Tasneef.

Al Hebsi stressed importance of the qualified and experienced UAE citizens in terms of classification and inspection of all types of vessels and their various sizes, stressing that Tasneef will continue to attract Emirati youth and in-field training and qualification in the UAE and abroad in the fields of mechanical, electrical, electronic marine engineering and Naval architecture.

He stressed the UAE's global position in the maritime sector, thanks to its advanced marine infrastructure and geographical location, has become the preferred destination for maritime companies and businessmen to meet the major challenges facing the maritime, oil and gas sectors.

Maritime Economics

He added that the country has become an active part of the global economy and a vital indicator of the Gulf maritime economic status. It has proved its global competence in the sector not only in logistics and energy, but also in engineering, industrial, innovation and smart solutions for the entire sector.

The Abu Dhabi-based classification society is authorized to provide certification services according Gulf standards for vessels not covered by international maritime treaties, as well as the UAE's first yacht code, and is currently developing the engineering standards for floating villas in compliance with global standards in the UAE.


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